About WT

Wayfarer Trading is a spare time firm that I run in addition to my salary job.

The purpose of the firm is to deliver spare parts that are specific for the wayfarer dinghy, preferably whitout any waiting time for the purchaser.

My knowledge about the dinghy is based on my sailing experience with the wayfarer since 1987. Therefore I know many of the measurements that are used in the dinghy.

Although the wayfarer is a one-design dinghy, the parts that it is composed from are not always the same. For example, the thicknes of the rudder blade, varies between 15 - 20 mm, the rudder fittings exist in two dimensions, boom profiles exist in about 5 different versions etc.

If you got any ideas for new products or improvements of the exsisting, I would like to know. Maybe I can help you with the solution.